Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Should the Government Enforce Catholic Church Beliefs?

Why Should the Government Enforce Catholic Church Beliefs?
Catholic dogma holds that artificial contraception is against the law of God. The bishops have the right—a right guaranteed under the First Amendment—to preach that doctrine to the faithful. They have a right to preach it to everybody. Take out ads. Pass out leaflets. Put up billboards in the front yard.

The problem here is that they’re trying to get the government to do their work for them. They’ve lost the war at home, and they’re now demanding help from the outside....

The churches themselves don’t have to provide contraceptive coverage. Neither do organizations that are closely tied to a religion’s doctrinal mission. We are talking about places like hospitals and universities that rely heavily on government money and hire people from outside the faith.

It is the same old, conservatives believe in small government until they find some personal dogma they want to shove down everyone's throat.