Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proto-fascist Conservatives At Big Government Don't Know What A Correction, Retraction, Or An Apology Is

Andrew Breitbart's Editor Doesn't Know What A Correction, Retraction, Or An Apology Is

On Tuesday we noted that Andrew Breitbart's site, Big Government, published a completely false, malicious, and debunked claim that an activist connected to Occupy Savannah had been murdered inside the activists' camp. The foolish and unsupported claim, made by the site's editor-in-chief, was used as a way to demonize the movement and portray it as inherently dangerous.

The facts regarding Savannah were never in doubt, except to Big Government's Mike Flynn: An Occupy activist, and musician, was killed in Savannah over the weekend. But the shooting, reportedly in connection with an attempted robbery, took place nearly ten miles from the protest site and had nothing to do with the Occupy movement.

The local press and police in Savannah made the point perfectly clear. But Flynn decided to publish a right-wing fairy tale about how the Savannah victim had been  lured to his death by the treacherous Occupy movement.

After Media Matters called the Breitbart blogger out for his ugly behavior, Flynn finally published an "update." Here it is, in full:

    Savannah police have now clarified this morning to Big Government via telephone that the shooting of Occupy Savannah activist Jonathan Brazell is being investigated as an ordinary robbery, due partly to the fact that it occurred at a significant distance from the protest site itself.

In other words, nothing Flynn reported about the shooting was accurate. Nothing. And none of the heartless, partisan conclusions he tried to make were valid. None of them.
But note what's missing from Flynn's humiliating update; any sense or remorse for recklessly grabbing onto the news of a random killing, abusing the facts, and trying to turn a tragic death into a partisan event. It boggles the mind. Of course, the entire post should immediately be retracted.

Yet not a word of regret from Flynn on Breitbart's site.

The only silver lining from the Breitbart-sponsored train wreck still posted at Big Government is reading the comment section, and particularly some notes from people who describe themselves as friends of Brazell, as they rightfully denounce Flynn's deplorable behavior.

They're worth reading:

    It was NOT at an Occupy location. The police have no leads and no information. How dare you use someone's death for your advantage. This article should be retracted immediately.


    It's disgusting that the tragic death of an incredible individual has been used to support the very thing he protested. So petty...


    I highly suggest that you do your own reporting instead of assuming you know all the facts. This man was NOT killed at an OWS protest. This was a completely separate incident and had nothing to do with the Occupy Movement. This is a politically motivated alteration of a story and it should be retracted immediately.


    I personally am calling upon Mike Flynn to retract this blog entry and apologize to me, Jonathan's family, his fraternity, and everyone whose lives Jonathan touched with his music and his friendship.


    Thank you for showing your true colors about how you could care less about the value of a human life and more about your ridiculous opinions.

This pathetic episode really does highlight the very dark, abhorrent, and irresponsible nature that's so prevalent on Breitbart sites.

Andrew Breitbart's sites are at the for front of the Anti-American proto-fascist movement on the internet. They have nothing to lose by printing lies because they are all about creating the Big Lie. Most of the political violence committed in the USA is done by conservatives. The Oklahoma City bombing being the most note worthy example.

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