Friday, October 14, 2011

Lying Republican Scumbag of The Week - Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) Lied About When and What He Knew About Fast and Furious

Lying Republican Scumbag of The Week -  Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) Lied About When and What He Knew About Fast and Furious

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said this week that he was "never" briefed about what was going on in Operation Fast and Furious and that ATF agents who ran an April 2010 briefing he attended "never mentioned 'Fast and Furious' by name."

That contradicts contemporaneous documents prepared for that meeting as well as the claims of officials familiar with the briefing, who say Fast and Furious was, in fact, discussed in detail. Still, Issa's office says staffers at the meeting don't recall Fast and Furious coming up and say they weren't given the briefing materials.

An official with knowledge of the meeting told TPM that Fast and Furious was one of "several cases that were briefed in great detail" at Issa's April 2010 briefing. The official specifically said that the names of the operations were mentioned in the briefing, which was run by former ATF Director Ken Melson.

"Specifically with regard to this investigation, what was briefed was the number of weapons that had been purchased, the types of weapons, caliber, the amount of cash that had been spent by the traffickers, the different techniques that ATF was using to investigate and the different techniques that ATF was using to further the investigation," the official told TPM.

The official told TPM that ATF briefers talked about straw purchasers, the fact that guns had gone to Mexico and been recovered in Mexico, coordination efforts between ATF and Mexico in the case and the volume of weapons that were being purchased by individuals during the briefing Issa attended.

Documents prepared by ATF officials for Issa's briefing back up that narrative, detailing specific developments in Operation Fast and Furious.

....That officials in Washington differ in their recollections of an 18-month-old briefing wouldn't be entirely surprising, or indeed always news. In fact, TPM obtained some of the documents about the meeting back in June (before the Washington Post published their own account in which a source familiar with the session said Issa was briefed on everything he'd "been screaming about") but at the time elected not to publish a story about them because at the time the dispute was about the facts of the case, not the content of the meeting.

The proto-fascist conservative blogs and pundits from Michelle Malkin to Fox News have been lying, twisting and fabricating nonsense about Fast and Furious, and Attorney General Eric Holder for months. It has simply been the fanatcal right-wing attempts to crucify another Obama administration official. As usual conservatism continues to be the enemy within. Conservatives constitute a Fifth column of anti-American zealots who hide their perverse values behind the flag and frequently the Bible - they have no shame.The almost comic irony here is that the deeply corrupt Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is House Oversight Committee Chairman.

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