Monday, September 26, 2011

Rupert Murdoch's Anti-American Fox News Hosts Businessman To Call For Tax Cut Obama's Already Passed

Rupert Murdoch's Anti-American Fox News Hosts Businessman To Call For Tax Cut Obama's Already Passed

Fox News is bound and determined to portray President Obama as anti-business, even when reality tells a different tale. For example, today they hosted a businessman to demand that Obama offer a tax deduction "per job" employers create -- but Obama's already enacted such a deduction, and is now calling to expand tax breaks for businesses that hire new employees.

Fox & Friends Saturday today hosted Ryan Blair, an entrepreneur and CEO, to talk about a letter he wrote to President Obama with suggestions for jump starting the economy. Blair called on the president to "give me a deduction per job I create" in order to "get me off the bench and into the game" (emphasis added):

    ALISYN CAMEROTA (co-host): You say unemployment will be solved by stimulating innovation and creating new entrepreneurs. Great. How do you do that?

    BLAIR: Well, you know, it's real simple. You educate people on entrepreneurship, you get in there, you roll up your sleeves, and you give the incentives. So, for example, let's say I'm taxed at -- I make $10 million this year, and I'm taxed at 15 percent, or my rate goes up based on the amount of jobs that I actually create. And it's real simple -- you can figure out how to give me a deduction per child? Why can't you give me a deduction per job I create? Literally costing no debt money, just get me off the bench and into the game. Right now I'm not. I'm going to sit on the sidelines and save my money as much as I can because I'm uncertain. That's the wrong sentiment to be creating within the rich right now. Get them to work.

While Blair spoke, Fox News ran text stating, "Millionaire Explains The Problem w/ Jobs Plan."

What Blair and Fox & Friends failed to mention: Obama has already done this. The president has long championed this idea; he signed a bill that made it law; and he's calling for an extension of the policy through his American Jobs Act.

Do the math. Rupert Mudoch hates America. Murdoch has made America hating right-wing nut Roger Ailes the head of Fox News. Fox News constantly runs commentary that misleads the American public from everything about economics to cultural issues and public policy. Murdoch and the anti-American Ailes are trying to sabotage democracy by disseminating misinformation that is clearly against the best interests of the average American. Isn't it time for all patriotic Americans to keep the radicals at Fox News out of their homes and away from their kids.